“Finally…Who Else Wants To Be The Naturally Cool Social Guy That Is Able To NOT ONLY Flawlessly Attract The Girls They WantBUT ALSOBuildAn Entourage Of Cool Guy Friends To Roll With And Live A Celebrity-Like Social Lifestyle That Becomes The Envy Of EVERYBODY Now…Guaranteed!?”



Forget All Those Same Old Rehearsed Dating And Attraction Information…And Just Give Me 3 Minutes…And You Will Discover What All The Gurus And The Community Are NOT Telling You…



From: Gabriel Angelo

Author of “The Art of Social Natural”


Dear friend,


If you are in anyway like me, you want more success with women and in your social life and have been studying and reading books-after-books, listening to audios-after-audios, and jumping from videos-to-videos and still not getting the kind of results you want or want to skyrocket your social life exponentiallythen you can’t afford NOT to read every word of this letter right nowbecause you are missing the most essential core component that all the other gurus and the Seduction Community are leaving out.


You are about to discover a revelation I came upon while trying to improve this area of my life also, that will change the whole community on its head and the way you look at this game, forever.




I know, I would be too.


But bear with me for a moment while I ask you these critical questions:


  • Do you find yourself to be not really a social guy that can attract women? 


  • Do you find that you are always running out of things to say with girls? 


  • Do you envy the social circle everybody else has who always seems to be enjoying their night and having fun with their friends, and you wonder why can’t you be part of something like that? 


  • Do you find that you are watching your life pass you by because you are not getting the social fulfillment you want? 


  • Do you feel like that you are not young anymore and so can no longer really get the pleasure out that social life you once have or like everybody else? 


  • Do you just wish you knew how to work the room so everybody would wonder “who is that guy?” and come up to you? 


  • Do you find that your social skill is not where it should be to attract and date those women you want and meet those cool people you want to meet? 


  • Do you wish you knew how to infiltrate an exceptional high quality drop-dead hot girl’s exlusive closed social group and date her or any of her hot friends that is only reserved to the insider guys? 


  • Do you find yourself socially awkward in a social situation? 


  • Do you find that when you socialize out in social gatherings with girls or guys, they get away from you? 


  • Do people just find yourselves not interesting to talk to? 


  • Do you find that as you talking to girls she is interested in you because you have some clever memorized routines and lines up your sleeves but once you run out, you have nothing to say, and you lose the girl? 


  • Do you always find yourself being a loner who currently doesn’t have much friends and, more or less, women in your life? And you are having difficulty expanding your social circle? 


  • Do you always meet a lot of people but after that, you don’t see them again or they never call you and never answer the phone when you call them? 


  • Do you find that your dating life is terrible because you don’t have a social circle? 


  • Do you find it hard to go out meeting people because you don’t have any friends and are afraid to go out by yourself and what other people will think of you? 


  • Would you like to have those inseparable friends you always wished you had that always back you up and go out and make the best of your nights? 


  • Do you find that if you can just have cool people in your life, getting girls will be a breeze? 


  • Or you are already successful with women and want to take it beyond the next level, by learning what nobody else teaches you? 


If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone because I have experienced all of them.


It is very painful and agonizing.


It feels like you are the only person in the world experiencing this pain.


The truth of the matter is…


You just don’t have the skill sets yet. And these skill sets can be learned!


Here is the thing, you weren’t born with these kinds of knowledge and skills.  You learned and developed them over time.  Unfortunately, for most of us who didn’t have any success with women early on, failed to ever develop these understandings of social dynamics later on in life and are at a disadvantage.


Overall, meeting and attracting and dating women come down to a specific part of your social skills. 


Social skill is the core essential to getting good at any social dynamics…


You see, dating and attracting women is only a small portion of the larger picture within your social skills.


If you have naturally good social skills, you will naturally not only be getting girls but having cool guy friends, people respecting you, and family looking up to you. An infinite-whammy!


The problem with a lot of the programs out there is that they leave out this big and probably the most crucial part of the puzzle when it comes to getting good with women and, basically, socially with anybody.


They don’t address the monumental essential social skills that naturally social cool people all have who are good with women, before you are even ready to learn how to pickup women.


It is like telling you to read without learning the sounds of the alphabet, and instead just memorized every word you encounter or learning algebra without learning how to do multiplication.


As a result, you are struggling out there a lot more than you should and wonder why this is a lot harder and taking a lot longer than everybody else.



Now who am I?


Now before I go further I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so you can understand where I am coming from…


A few years ago, I was just like you struggling to get women and enhance my social life. I learned about the Seduction Community, and bought every book and product. It was helpful at first, but I discovered there was something missing within this whole community and pickup thing.


While this was great for picking up women, I still did not have any friend or a close social circle or cool entourage of cool guy friends. While I was seeing everybody around me have cool buddies and hot female friends to go out to the bars every night, I was a loner by myself without any friend.


You see, growing up I was the lonely, geeky social outcast, never had a single friend until college; so forget trying to get a girlfriend, I didn’t have any friend. I was different from everybody else. I wanted to be successful at a young age and that made me a loner and rejected by all the kids while they were busy having fun and being social. I was the victim everybody picked on and took advantage of for their own self-amusement. I was constantly miserable of how the world was treating me badly. So I isolated myself from the world and detached myself from social interactions with people, and found my love in solitude activities, like in books and studying. I was the overachiever, reading and studying for my upcoming-year classes during the summer and the SAT exam 3 years prior to taking it, so I could get into a top elite school and get a good job.


And I thought that was going to get me women, but surprisingly, it didn’t.


Oh, not only was I terrible with women, but with people in general, socially. It was so bad to the point that I even thought that I had some sort of social disorders, like asperser syndrome.


When I first started to improve my dating and social life, I wasn’t getting much success with women and my social life was still inadequate.


I was so far from the socially savvy guy I wanted to be and couldn’t find the answer to my problem so I decided to take matters into my own hand.


How did I discover the answer?


So what did I do?


What anybody desperate to figure this out would do, I committed myself to go out 7 nights a week, brutally experimenting with the dynamics of social interaction. I became a social experimenter. I did all sorts of crazy things for social feedbacks and got myself in dangerous situation and hot water just to understand the social dynamics. I was embarrassed, humiliated, tortured, and even physically slapped by endless nights of failures. It was not easy and a long boulder push up the mountains, and after each night where I felt devastated, it was a push down, but I kept pushing.


I neglected everything else in my life from family, work, and other priorities just to get this figured out. It became a big dark obsession and nearly destroyed me, but in the end, it was all worth it, and I slowly began to see the patterns and my skills improving. 


Then I met him in a long grey trench coat standing out from the crowd one night…


Through this period of days going out, I was very fortunate enough to have met a guy who was the best of the best in social environments and was just a plain social natural, and who would eventually become my social mentor and teacher.


He was not only a total social natural with chicks, but guys found him to be the coolest dude they have ever met and wanted to part of his social circle. He would literally own the room, and people actually thought he was a celebrity or something because he was not only acting and performing like one, but he had that celebrity-like aura about him. Everybody wanted to be in his presence and take pictures with him.


Now what is a social natural you are wondering?


A social natural is very cool social person who just performs effortlessly and fluidly in any social situation and environment with anybody. They are good with women and men, and basically know how to be social with everybody.


What is the fastest to get to their level? It is by learning the skills of what they are good at and are constantly doing socially.


But there is a dilemma when you are trying to improve your social wit and skill. The only way to get good socially and become a high status cool social natural is by hanging out with cool social natural people, BUT these cool high status people won’t let you and don’t want to hang out with you unless you are at their level of social intelligence and skills or else you are a liability.


Unplugged from the Social Matrix at last…


I begged him to train me and teach me what he knew, but, surprisingly, he didn’t even know what he was doing because it was so unconscious for him; he couldn’t even put it in words to describe it.


Luckily for me, he was the one social natural guy I have met who was very open-minded and non-judgmental yet compassionate and caring enough to see my struggle and dedication to improve my social skills and allowed me to be part of his social circle of friends.


We hung out together and he showed me the ropes. I made mistakes, but I learned from them.


I observed what he and his friends were doing, and the more I hung out with them, I started blending in on that mindset they possessed, tweaking my social performance, and developing the skills they all had, and what they were doing all the time, that they unconsciously did not know; but for me, starting out as a clueless social retard, I consciously took notice what they were doing all the time, and soon it started to become all clear for me too.


Gradually, I started to perform socially at their high-octane social level and the friends within my social natural friend’s social circle, who first questioned him why he even let, me, this loser socially awkward guy to hang out with them, started to like me and became close buddies, as well.


I took notes and wrote everything down I discovered from them and being out in the field.


And initially, I wanted to keep these findings just to myself for my own preference, but when I showed it to them, it was dead on like they were finally realizing what they were doing, and I realized that this can help others like me because I have seen so many guys struggled in the exact same situation I was; and they told me I should write a book with all the information broken down into patterns and simple structures to guide anybody to becoming a social natural, not only as a state and trace, but as learnable skills.


And the result…


I present to you “The Art of Social Natural”!

The Art of Social Natural - Gabriel Angelo

This has been my Holy Grail search for the answer to why I wasn’t getting any success in pickup. That’s because I was missing the foundation to all these pickup.


This is social dynamics, in its purest and truest essence form. Some might consider this to be a very advanced course and other might consider it a very basic fundamental to pickup, but whatever it is for you, it will definitely improve your overall skills in just about any social area of your life from picking up women to becoming the coolest guy people will ever meet.


In this book, you will get all the skills those people who are natural chick magnets and also worshipped by cool guys possess and extremely good at. Not only am I going to show you what they are, but I am going to tell you how to develop them in simple structural formulas with tons of examples.


These are not just techniques and tactics to know and memorize. It is a structural system I composed so you can emulate and perform your own unique techniques every time by just knowing the structures, and you can generate them naturally on the spot.


Think of it like learning multiplication and once you know just the multiplication table, you can do any algebra problem; or learning how to read, once you learned the phonics of the alphabet, you can almost read any new word you come across instead of having to memorize them. That’s because you already have the fundamental structural formula down, and that is what I present to you in the Art of Social Natural to getting good at any social dynamic.


This is from my observations and experiences out in the field and the real world, and I’ve also been really frank in this book about my mistakes so you can avoid them.


The benefit this book will give you an edge over all the other pickup, dating, attraction, and seduction programs because the stuffs I teach you are extremely new, the next evolution in the community we should all be headed.


Once you get good at this, picking up women will be a breeze.


How is this different from everything else out there?


Simply put, this book is unique and refreshingly different, you won’t find this information anyway else because I was tired of all the same old rehearsed information that didn’t help me one bit so I went out night after night in the field to discover the answers and came up with the stuffs in here, after observing and analyzing the social dynamics going on and field testing them.


You see, almost all of the books dealing with human and social interaction and social skills are meant for professionals, like how to act properly in your job and proper etiquette dealing with your guests, not for the dating and casual social gatherings, because as you get older you are supposed to be more restricted in your social behavior, where it is considered taboo for an adult to act like the socially successful guys who are good with the women. They teach you how to act like a dignified adult citizen, not a socially cool guy that gets any girl.

This still has a lot to do with pickup, but I am going to dwell more importantly on the art of good social dynamics and the skills these social naturals all have and possess that make them exceptionally phenomena in social situations with anybody.


Remember in high school, how the guys who were getting the most chicks had large social circle and they date those girls within that social group?


Social Natural Entourage


When you get the social circle, meeting and dating women is almost too easy. Because you know the people and everybody knows each other, and so you will be sleeping with women in your social circle.


This is a necessity, essential to anybody in the community or learning pickup or trying to get better in this area of their life.


It builds upon the foundation or takes it up the next level.



What you will learn?


Here is only a small taste of what’s in stored for you in the in first book and only book of its kind anywhere:


  • What can you do now to instantly improve your conversation to the next level and never run out of things to say, without having to memorize and routines and lines. 


  • Learn the universal storytelling structural formula and just by knowing this one simple thing that you can come up will many and any new stories spontaneously and will never run out of stories and things to say…EVER AGAIN! 


  • Why storytelling is by far the most important skill out in social gathering, and how to tell stories that are captivating and interesting to anybody making a lasting impression for them to reconnect with you and want to be part of your social circle 


  • Learn how to master social calibration so that you will never be clueless of what to do when you are in a new venue, especially by yourself, and you will always know what to do and be perceived as the most high value person there 


  • How to raise your value in a club so women will start approaching you instead of ever having to open another woman 


  • An effortless way to have perfect 10s hotties to open up set for you and get her jealous and wanting you even more 


  • A secret about the most charismatic people in world and why they are charismatic, and once you know this, you can instantly be perceived as the most magnetic person anybody will ever come in contact 


  • The common X-factor all social naturals and extremely social-butterflies have that make people can’t resist them and always want to be in their presence. When you know this, you will have people calling you all night asking you to come out and inviting you to parties, and you will be annoyed. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! 


  • The fastest way to build an entourage with strangers you just met that night that will guarantee you become part of their social circle 


  • Use the Mountain Emotional Effect to easily seduce women and they can’t help but to fall under your spell. Use this wisely! 


  • Why NOT giving a shit out in social gatherings can hurt you and you won’t even be able to pickup one single girl afterward because of this untalked about mistake 


  • How to easily and immediately build instant rapport with anybody you meet that will have them feel an instant connection like they have known you for a long time 


  • How come the motor-mouths never run out of things to say and how do they do it so you can do it as well 


  • How to tell if your connection with that other person is genuine, and they are after your best interest 


  • The right amount of value you should display to a girl upon approach so you she won’t ignore you or scare her off 


  • How to use the girl’s bitchiness and turn it back on her to get her to feel a strong amount of attraction towards you 


  • A critical exercise so that you will never, ever again NOT approach any girl you want to me because it will be more painful not to approach than rejection itself 


  • The 2 types of emotion in this world, and how knowing this will give you a double-edge when you are out there in the field 


  • The most important thing you should always want to do if you want to meet up with the other person again or they will perceive you as a stranger and you will never see that person again 


  • The elements that make a good interaction anywhere that will make you and the other person feel like great communicators 


  • Why nothing else matters but your social value and you can get away with anything because of this 


  • And MUCH, MUCH more… 



Who is this book NOT for?


1 - If you are looking for another book that only teaches you the latest lines, or entertain you with the same old-recycled information, or just make you feel better about your lack of social success to cover up the truth and that it’s ok to just by yourself mumbo jumbo and offers nothing else but just motivations, then please do yourself a favor, and DON’T waste your time here any further! You’ve been warned!


2 - But if you are willing to learn the structures to help you develop the permanent long-term skill to get good at just not picking and attracting women but getting good socially with anybody and everybody, without having to memorized every little line that comes your way but instead can generate new ones at wit on the spot, and stop watching everybody else getting the fun and thrill out of life while you watch silently wishing you were part of that, then this book is definitely for you!


Now let me ask you, are you truly serious about getting this part of your life handle, meet the kinds of women you want, take your pickup skill to the next level, and have the social life people would envy for?


Then you owe it to yourself to invest in yourself by immediately getting your hand on this book now!


I said to myself a long time ago what was really missing from learning pickup, how attraction works, and getting women that will instantly allow you to see results?


And then I sat down and finally figured it out. It was the social foundation you needed before you can get any good.


When you have been studying pickup and attracting women for a long life and you are still not getting success, that’s because a lot of the pickup materials do not stress the importance of good social dynamics. They only focused on the narrow view of pickup and that’s it. They don’t stress the fundamental importance of this beautiful yet intricate social art.


And if you are already successful with women, it’s time to take it to the next level phase of pickup and by being socially good with everybody.


This is the big leap. It is no longer just about picking up women; it is about being a capable and competent social-being, who’s socially effective with everybody.


You can find this anywhere else; this is truly innovative, cutting edge-stuff.



Ok, let’s wrap this up…


When you order, you are going to get…


The Art of Social Natural - Social Natural


  • The Art of Social Natural book in digital format ready for download so you can instantly get started and don’t have to wait in the mail or drive to a store to get it. 


And that’s not all!


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These are some of the brightest minds when it comes to understanding social dynamics and interaction and the psychology of why people act the way they do, where I personally sat down with and grinded and picked their brains out; and your mind is going to explode by their thoughts and insights into social dynamics and how they see good social interactions and the ways they go about it.


Note that they are not just plain old pick-up artists, but are naturally just really cool, social guys who see and understand the social matrix, and most of them are underground folks who had preferred to keep their identity a secret until now.  Prepare to be inspired and motivated, to learn secret social skill techniques, and to have profound ideas to improve your social and dating life.


I should be charging $50 for this, but when you order now, you’ll get a one-month subscription into my Social Experts Mastery Series completely FREE.


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How much?


Alright, now how much will this entire program cost?


The question you should be asking, is how much does getting this area of your life handled worth to you?


How much is being able to go out every night with the confidence that you know what you are capable of doing to get girls you want, have people walk up to you and want to know who you are, being treated like a celebrity, or expanding your social circle by tenfold cost to you?


In fact, I have even been told by my social natural friends that I should charge at least a couple hundred dollars just for one skill I teach in this book alone not to mention value bonuses you are getting, but I won’t charge you that much.


Heck, you won’t even have to pay $100.


Get your hand on this priceless information now for just $67 .


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The amount of value you are going to get worth more than any amount of money you can buy when you know the success you are going to get. You can’t put a price on that.




I am so confident and stand behind what I have to offer you that I am going to give you a full

60-Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!


The Art of Social Natural Guarantee

Download and go through the Art of Social Natural. If you are truly not happy in any way, just let me know within 60-days, and I will promptly refund every single penny, no questions asked, no hassle, and we will still be friends. :)




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Here is how it works now?


Here is what you want to do now…


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So what is holding you back now?


I understand that you still may have some hesitations, but remember I offer you a 60-Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee, and if you are not satisfied in any way, just send me an email and you will get every penny of your purchase back. The risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain.


Look I am not sure how much longer I intend to keep this on the market because this is some really powerful stuff you will learn and will even out the playing field with me and all the other social naturals out there, and with great power comes great responsibility. But I am going to let you have this offer because you were the few lucky ones that discovered this letter first, so take advantage of it!


But as a matter of fact, you don’t even have to get the Art of Social Natural yet.


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Act now and get the Art of Social natural, and don’t be left behind!


I am only here committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams because I have been in every situations you have and know where you are coming from.


Look, I was the worst of the worst, and that shows you what you are capable of and what you can do; if I could do this, anybody can!


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Your Friend,

Social Natural Gabriel Angelo

Gabriel Angelo


P.S. Don’t let years of your social life you could have had go to waste.


P.S.S. Don’t let any more minute of your life pass you by when you could have been meeting those women and adding those folks to your enriching social circle.




The Art of Social Natural is one of the most unique products out there to getting better with women. I understand a lot more and notice an improvement in my communication with women.”

                           - Derek W

                           New Jersey


Your book has been exactly what I have been looking for! I studied pickup since I read Neil Strauss’ The Game, but this is not like anything I have seen and anybody heard of before. You shear a new light giving us wings into the next level of social dynamics. I suggest any aspiring PUAs to get it!”

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Definitely worth a look if you are a newbie, or even if you are already very good at picking-up women.”

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Finally, somebody who brings something new to the community.  This is going to rock everything else out there.”

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The Art of Social Natural 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


The Art of Social Natural (Regular Package)

Regular Package




The Art of Social Natural (Premium Package)

Premium Package with Social Experts Mastery Series

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